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Omnia Taxes is owned and operated by Jesse and Sierra Johnson. Married in 2012, Jesse and Sierra have spent their time together building their careers and family. They moved to Kingwood Texas in 2015 and welcomed their first child Ethan in 2021. Sierra is a licensed CPA  and completed her Master's Degree in Accounting in 2018. She specializes in small businesses including finding tax savings, setting up accounting software, and providing business consulting related to processes. Jesse is a licensed attorney and entrepreneur who previously worked in sales prior to his legal career. Omnia Taxes was founded on the basis of Christian principles, aiming to provide value and services while sharing the love of Jesus Christ.



Omnia Taxes was birthed out of an idea that a small business and its owners can receive far more value than just getting their tax returns filed.  We help you get your taxes paid in throughout the year, make sure your company is structured correctly, monitor your books, process your payroll, coach you on cash flow optimization, and are always available to answer questions, and so much more.  Whether you utilize one or all of our services, we believe in walking alongside our clients throughout the whole year and most importantly creating long-lasting relationships with every client we have. We believe in a much more proactive approach, unlike typical accounting firms who take your information at the end of the year and spit out a tax return.  

Allow us to transform your accounting from a rear-view mirror to a front dashboard.

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